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It's the small moments that hold extraordinary power, illuminating our lives with their profound significance and they deserve to be captured intentionally. Nothing fills me with more joy than bearing witness to the beauty of your love, in all its untamed, uninhibited glory. Let’s bottle up that feeling and encapsulate it for eternity.

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Getting your photo taken can feel daunting. Let’s reframe that. Capturing the real you is easy. It’s your smile after a cheesy joke, the way your hair falls in your eyes when you’re focused, how you dance to your favorite song. That’s what you can expect in our sessions. My goal is simple: to capture the special moments in the ordinary. 

I’m not looking to pose you with your hands just so. I’ll ask you to give me a spin, to show me your secret handshake with your partner, to tell each other your silliest memories together. Some couples bring their favorite drinks, a guitar to make music together, or just their sweet selves.

You should leave our sessions feeling invigorated, the way you feel after spending time with a really good friend. Besides, with all the time I like to spend getting to know my clients, I think we will be friends at the end of our time together!

Your full, authentic self is always welcome here.


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Hey there! Welcome to my website and I am so thrilled that you found me!

People ask, “why the name Callaghan Photography?” Well, let me tell you. I’m one of four girls – I know, my poor dad – so somebody has to carry on the family name. If it won’t be my sisters, it’ll be me. 

Though I’m a professional, I understand how awkward and draining taking photos can be – we have all been there! That’s what makes me different. Let’s drop the formalities and tense poses for laughter and a showcase of who you really are. Plus, I make a great third wheel, I promise.

you can call me Kenzie 

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"We absolutely loved working with Kenzie during our engagement session! These were our first professional photos we've taken as a couple, and Kenzie was amazing about providing clear directions while still making it a super fun and comfortable experience. It felt like we were just hanging out with one of our friends! We are beyond happy with how our photos turned out— they reflect our personalities and relationship perfectly and feel very "us". We cannot wait for Kenzie to capture our big day next!!"

"It felt like we were just hanging out with one of our friends!"

"Working with Kenzie was amazing. She made us feel so comfortable and natural on the other side of the camera. We really enjoyed the different poses and they made us look really cute!! The way she was able to capture our love through the lens was outstanding. We told her the vibe we wanted and she killed it."

"She made us feel so comfortable and natural on the other side of the camera."

"Working with Mackenzie was the best decision we made! Not only is her work absolutely beautiful but she is such a pleasure to work with. We had guests calling us after the wedding just to talk about how amazing and kind she was. Mackenzie captured every single photo we asked for and wildly exceeded our expectations. She also edited and shared our preview gallery faster than any creative we have ever worked with. I cannot recommend working with her enough to capture life’s biggest moments."

"Working with Mackenzie was the best decision we made!."

I've worked with a lot of photographers in the past, and no one measures up to the kind of person Mackenzie is, nor do they measure up to her work ethic. My husband and I have worked with Mackenzie numerous times, which made the idea of having Callaghan Photography be a vendor for our wedding a no brainer. It's been almost 6 months from our wedding and our friends and family STILL talk about the photos and how impressed they were.

I could write a novel about how much of a pleasure it is to work with Mackenzie. She made our vision come to life in ways we didn't even know could happen. She truly takes all of your thoughts and ideas and runs with it. From shooting our graduation photos, to our engagement shoot, to our wedding -- she's so easy to talk to, and you can tell she cares so much about her clients. I cannot emphasize this enough, Mackenzie is so incredibly talented. Her work truly belongs in a magazine, and I know it won't be long until that happens -- so book Callaghan Photography while you can, and I promise you, you won't regret it. 

"THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER. Mackenzie is detail-oriented, passionate, caring, thoughtful, and puts 1000% into everything she does."




Timeless. Authentic.